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The cottage’s sewage and toilet issues are easily resolved

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The treatment of wastewater and household and toilet waste in a cottage can seem challenging, especially if the cottage is located in an archipelago. The smartest, easiest and cheapest way is to handle waste on a cottage site, as long as you do it safely and in an environmentally friendly way.

More and more time is spent at the cottage, so you want it to be comfortable and effortless in every way. Long vacations and the proliferation of teleworking enable almost regular living in a summer home, so functional cottage technology solutions are needed there.

At the same time as the demands of the cottage are growing, we also want to cherish the environment and nature. Waste sorting and wastewater treatment are also becoming increasingly important at the cottage. The matter is also regulated by law.

Return of nutrients to the ground

In many cottages, black and gray water goes directly to a closed septic tank, because untreated water and sludge must not be discharged into nature without proper treatment.

However, from the environmental and economic point of view, the smartest thing would be to return the nutrients to the land and utilize them locally, which will also eliminate the transport of sludge for long distanses and keep the nutrient circulation in the islands balanced.

It is also better for the cottage community that the nutrients and load of the wastewater are treated and then absorbed into the soil on their own property and that the waste is not transported to a municipal waste treatment plant. The easiest way to get to both the cottage and the cottage is when the plot has its own composting dry toilet and the washing water is cleaned on site.

The Biotoilet eliminates your worries

Biotoilets solve the cottage’s toilet waste treatment problems. They are odorless, easy – to – maintain eco – solutions with secure waste management; and environmentally friendly.

The extensive Biotoilet range has alternatives that are well suited for the outhouse as well as for indoor use in the cottage.

The toilets in the biological AQ collection are modern, hygienic and easy, as they compost toilet waste into a small amount of compost in one container.

An odorless, easy-to-maintain solution that separates wastewater and solid waste into compost

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