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Wastewater is treated efficiently

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The BioKem treatment plant treats wastewater and sewage sludge from a detached house or holiday home.

Cost-effective system:

  • • Highest cleaning effect
  • NO transport of wastewater
  • The energy requirement is very low
  • Drainage / Waste is recycled at the source
  • Long service life (50-100 years)

With these in mind, the carbon footprint is very small (a fraction of the carbon footprint of municipal wastewater treatment).

Highest cleaning effect

Wastewater is purified very efficiently for organic material and nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen).

No transports, transfers

Wastewater and sludge are treated in an environmentally friendly way at the source.

Energy consumption is very small

The treatment plant has a unique bull system. The consumption of electricity, chemicals and the operation of technical equipment is controlled according to the load situation.

The waste is recycled at the source

In the treatment plant there is sludge composting equipment, then the sludge is used with composting – no sludge emptying is required.

Long service life (50-100 years)

The service life is very long – spare parts and the manufacturer’s service available.

Cheap to get and use

According to Ilkka Raita, CEO of Raita Environment, it is good to consider and compare the different systems and costs for wastewater treatment:

“Getting a BioKem treatment plant is cheaper than getting a toilet / closed tank / drain connection. Operating costs are also low (1-3 euros / m3 (chemicals, electricity, maintenance)) as sewage and waste can be easily treated and recycled at the source. ”

Are you wondering what type of solution would be right for your property?

We have extensive experience of many kinds of system. Raita Environment’s long-standing experts in environmental technology, who develop and manufacture greywater and mixed waste treatment plants as well as environmental toilets and composts, are happy to consider a solution that suits you.

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