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Public toilets outside the sewer network

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BIOTANK Bio-toilets ensure odorless sessions in an environmentally friendly manner. When outdooring , “the nature can call” and then help must be close. Outdooring and staying in nature is a “breath hole” for busy modern person. In recent years, the use of recreation areas has increased a lot.

Raita Environment is a Finnish family business that has been supplying and developing public toilet solutions for outdoor areas – outside the sewer network – since the 1970s.

– The toilet systems have evolved considerably since the first RAITA public toilets were delivered to Helsinki’s outdoor areas in the late 1970s, Seurasaari was the first, and others came at a rapid pace since then, says Ilkka Raita, CEO.

The company currently supplies two types of Bio-toilets for public use – EV and BIOTANK models.

In BIOTANK models, the decomposition process begins in the tank – Smell-Off liquid begins to decompose waste and prevents odor from forming. The waste is transported by tanker to a municipal treatment plant for cleaning.

The device has a very long service life (about 50-100 years). The materials are very durable and the technology used is maintenance- free.

Choosing the system

According to Raita Environment’s Ilkka Raita, it is good to consider and compare different systems and their suitability for the target.

– BIOTANK system is suitable for a large-scale application with a road connection. The device is easy to maintain – normal cleaning and the addition of Smell-Off fluid are the only treatments. When the tank is full, the waste is transported by tanker to a municipal treatment plant.

Wondering what kind of solution would suit your outdoor area?

We have a long experience in many kinds systems. Raita Environment’s experts (greywater and mixed wastewater plants and environmental toilets and composters) will be happy to consult a solution that suits you.

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