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Comforts with the right cottage technique

It is possible to have all the amenities to the cottage, and without straining the environment.

Increased use of the cottage requires that all technology should work smoothly and environmentally friendly. Raita Environment is a pioneer in “cottage technology”. Raita’s systems are developed for holiday homes and they last a long time and are easy to maintain.

Modern, functional cottage technology includes odorless bio-toilet and effective gray water purification and at best also self-sufficient waste management with sorting and composting.


Odorless and easy-care bio-toilet evaporates and treats waste safely. The amount of waste decreases in a few months to one tenth of the original and the final product is valuable compost.

– Our biotoilet selection includes alternatives solutions from indoor to outdoor use. Often the first step in increasing comfort in the cottage is a new toilet device. The biotoilet is strong and reliable, the and composts waste cost-effectively. The selection includes eg ’night toilets’ which installs inside and larger systems which have a familiar toilet seat combined with composting.

Gray water-filter

When the cottage with more amenities is used more, water consumption also increases. When washing dishes, cooking and taking showers the more sewage is be treated.

– Wastewater is treated on your own property with easy-care greywater filter. The BioBox is specially developed for cottage use. They are easy to care and maintain. The purchase and the installation will be of low cost, the use is very favorable.

Remote mapping to start with

RAITA Environment offers free remote mapping, on the basis of which it is possible to plan the most functional system for the cottage.

– There are many ways to implement the project. Our methods can decrease amount of sludge to be removed and thus have longer emptying intervals. Full self-sufficiency is also of interest more and more even if the cottage is not on an island. All sludge from BioBox can be treated in place of our sludge equipment.

The small greywater filter is currently minimum requirements for cottages by the water. RAITA BioBoxes are small greywater filters, of which there is a model for small cottage needs such as larger holiday homes.

– BioBoxes do not need electricity. Purified water from BioBox can be drained through to nature. Maintenance is easy: the filters are cleaned once a year and the filter elements are replaced every 10-15 years. The device itself lasts up to 50-100 years, Raita says and continues:

– Many include in the cottage system as well grease well and compost. With these you’ll have better fat separation and composting of all waste at the cottage. Capacity is enough for all amenities and maintenance can be independent; without external tank emptying or technical assistance.


Reducing biowaste is easy. By using a biocomposter recycles nutrients to natural nutritional cycle. Especially in holiday homes, sorting and composting biowaste removes odor from the garbage bags.

– Composting of biowaste in the cottage is reasonable. Biowaste is sorted and composted. Other waste fractions exist remains ”clean” and can be emptied more infrequently. The environment thanks and you will save on your efforts and money.

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